Committed to the Environment

Our solutions include enzymes and microorganisms in our products to accordingly be able to minimize the chemical load, replacing it with a biological load which degrades the organic matter.

For this purpose, we have a clear sustainable development strategy, which includes the reduction in the consumption of energy resources and hazardous raw materials, as well as the environmental improvement of the products under the eco-design methodology.

We are currently the leading company in our sector in the eco-design field of chemical products and one of the best Spanish manufacturers with Ecological Eco-label industrial products at the national level.


How do we work?

Our corporate philosophy is shown in all the phases of each solution: starting from the design, raw materials, manufacture, distribution up to their usage and recycling. From the design concept phase of the product, we integrate all the environmental and safety aspects which the final product must comply with in order to reduce the environmental impacts and ensure the safety of its use throughout the product’s life cycle.

Recycling – Reuse

We minimize dumping and are committed to reuse.

Clean Technologies

All the designs of our products are implemented using clean technologies.

Raw Materials

We only use materials which guarantee the reduction of the environmental impact and their hazardousness.


All the designs of our products are implemented using clean technologies.


Our organization is highly aware of the carbon footprint.


We actively focus on the effectiveness and performance of our products.


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