To Society

Our approach consists in eliminating the hazardous raw materials of the product formulas so that they fully respect the environment and the people who use them. We pay attention to how nature cleans and interacts in order to manufacture our products.

Our investment in biotechnology has permitted us to locate microorganisms in nature with a degradable and reproductive capacity in order to convert them into raw materials and hence replace the hazardous chemical ingredient which were predominantly present in traditional products. In this way, we prevent chemical pollutants in each specific product as well as in its residues.


How do we work?

Our main concern is focused on people and their health as well as the health of the environment; hence we devote our experience and efforts to develop safer and healthier eco-friendly products.


We replace harmful chemical components with biological formulas which are harmless to our organism.


By minimizing the usage risk of our products, we successfully manage to reduce the use of protection elements for the employee and reduce the risk of diseases associated with the use and inhalation of chemical substances.

Performance and Savings

In the produce design concept, we seek the highest performance with the lowest quantity; we reduce the container so that its transport and storage require lower costs and space.


Our researchers and technicians are fully available to customers who require expert personalized advice for the commissioning of products, by developing the cleaning disinfection, maintenance or water treatment plans best suited for your company and together, we find the best solution for your problems.

Innovative solutions

We rely on especially designed products to adapt to the cleaning and disinfection programs under the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in the Food Industry. We provide innovative cleaning solutions in the health care sector authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Health Care Products (AEMPS).


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