We believe in what we do

Our Mission

Everything began with a dream, a dream by an entrepreneur and visionary named José Luis Gutiérrez. He was a caring and innovative person who was deeply committed to the environment and he firmly believed that we must leave the planet in better condition than we found it.

Today, this dream is called A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología S.A.U.  and he has shared his legacy with all of us so that we can continue his success today.


«I firmly believe that it is possible to provide solutions to companies which are not detrimental to people or the environment.» – José Luis Gutiérrez


To be a benchmark organization in the national and international markets which supplies innovative solutions with chemical and biological products that are more environmentally friendly and safer to use, which seeks sustainable growth and the full satisfaction of its stakeholders.


A&B Biotechnology Laboratories, a competitive and profitable organization that, based on the professional skills and performance of its personnel and alliances, is customer-oriented, to which gives it added-value through innovative sustainable products and services.

The organization operates by means of different sales channels in national and international markets, where it considers the environment as the benchmark in innovation, sustainability and contribution to the SDG.


Creativity and innovation, continual improvement, respect and personal satisfaction, participation and team work, the supply of added-value to customers as well as social responsibility.


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