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In 2001, we started up our corporate activity with the aim to research, manufacture and market chemical and biological products for professional use which also had a low impact on the environment and on the persons who used them.

Today, the objective still remains the same but now our commitment is possibly greater than ever.

The combination of Clean Technologies, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology and above all, our closeness to our customers allow us to provide innovative, efficient and effective solutions to the market, which are much more beneficial than traditional products; where we have maximized the safety of their use and ensure the compliance with the legal regulations for our customers.

We work hard to reduce the hazardous raw materials of the formulas so that our products have maximum respect for the environment and the persons who use them.

We belong to a consolidated business group: ABG Biotech

Faced with today’s demanding market, we have developed a profound Corporate philosophy which has led to the founding of A&B Innovative Solutions as an umbrella framework for our best-selling trademarks: A&B, specialised in supplying innovative solutions to companies and Befree home, focused on the needs of different households: both trademarks share the same commitment to the environment and people’s safety

International presence

In recent years, we have implemented an aperture process in international markets with a clear commitment to eco-innovative products and services for a global world with an extensive and powerful awareness of the climate emergency.




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