Innovative solutions for sustainable development

Our main concern is focused on people and their health as well as the health of the environment; hence we devote our experience and efforts to develop safer and healthier eco-friendly products.

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We provide companies with expert personalized advice and the biotechnological solution which is best adapted to their cleaning and maintenance requirements in different sectors; always taking into account the safety of the users and the environment; where all needs are covered by our line of A&B products for professional use



We supply society with a line of biological products for household use, Befree home, in order to carry out the cleaning of your home in an efficient, simple and safe way; without neglecting the impact on the environment and the safety of the persons who use them.


Why select us?

We develop new biotechnology solutions to cover the specific needs for each type of customer, always with maximum respect for environmental and people’s health


We analyse the solutions offered to our customers and subject them to specific effectiveness and quality controls to guarantee the compliance with the required standards.

Cost savings and process optimization

Our multi-function ecological products facilitate the simplicity of the processes, reducing operating costs and minimizing the waste management.

Occupational Health and Safety

We reduce the use of hazardous raw materials in our formulas to guarantee the best work conditions by developing the safest products for use.


By means of eco-design and the use of clean technologies (green chemistry and biotechnology), we develop our products to minimize the environmental impact and pollution as well as contribute to conserve resources.

International presence

In recent years, an aperture process has been launched in international markets with a clear commitment to eco-innovative products and services for a global world with an extensive and powerful awareness of the climate emergency.




Years of experience


Eco-designed products


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