Generate positive impacts

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In 2015, the United Nations approved the resolution of the 2030 Agenda which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and its 169 challenges.

The initially outlined proposal was clear and ambitious: to implement these goals in order to build a more sustainable planet and more prosperous and inclusive societies which do not leave anyone behind. Definitively, to invest in the joint solution of humanity’s critical problems.

In this context with our firm commitment to sustainable development, we understand that an organization must not only seek economic profitability but must also be an active agent and create positive social and environmental impacts for the planet.

This is why our strategy is based on the SDG, which influences all of our decision-making processes to accordingly contribute to our Sustainable Development based on our daily decisions which are completely aligned with the SDG and the 2030 Agenda.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our Contribution

We are an active agent with the aim to generate positive social and environmental impacts for the planet.

Less hazardous products and safer to use.

We encourage the co-responsibility of people in health care. We promote research and innovation in safety.

Use of clean technologies, green chemistry and biotechnology.

With the aim to prevent pollution in the final use of the products and assist the bio-remediation of effluents. Internal processes covered under ISO14.001.

We promote the health and safety of the employees and Zero accidents.

We promote corporate social responsibility and we proactively provide expert advice to our customers concerning the proper use of the products.

We invest in innovation and the co-design of products.

We work together with our customers to find the best possible solution. We implement Innovation Management Systems (UNE166.002) and Eco-Design Systems (ISO14.006).

We encourage volunteer work and provide support to a NGO.

We foster the culture of peace and co-existence based on respect for human rights. We have displayed the organization’s ethical code and forbidden behaviours

Our Corporate focus and products promote a circular economy.

We offer key information and know-how so that are customers are more committed and responsible.

We promote lines of research.

To reduce the carbon footprint of our products, we enhance the eco-design and the reduction of impacts in the products’ life cycle

We encourage the protection of submarine life.

By preventing the use of substances in our products which are harmful to the environment. We facilitate the decontamination process through biotechnology.

We actively work for the protection of the environment and its ecosystems.

By preventing the use of substances in our products which are harmful to the environment. We minimize the generation of wastes.

We promote active collaboration with other public and private organizations.

We cooperate in the development of our environment. We foster alliances for the commissioning of new initiatives.

A colourful future

Our personnel are firmly convinced of the importance of small actions to work for sustainable development at the local and global level, for a colourful future, where you can also contribute!!!


A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología has signed the “Alianza Alavesa por el Desarrollo sostenible” (Alava Alliance for Sustainable Development) to work in the construction of a “more prosperous and charitable world where no one is left behind”.

Our Circular Economy project called “Ecoinnovación como estrategia de competitividad”  (Eco-innovation as a competitive strategy) won an award in 2019 based on its innovation, results and its applicable nature in other organizations.

We explain and communicate our good practices in Corporate and Social Responsibility (RSE) in the 2019 academic course of the University of Cantabria: “La responsabilidad social como herramienta de cohesión social” (Social Responsibility as a social cohesion tool).


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